Landscape Contracting Services

Shortz Landscape Capabilities

A landscape contractor carries out the plan of a landscape architect or landscape designer by installing and maintaining the pieces of that plan. Activities include proper construction of 'hardscapes' like patios, paths, walls and water features, plus the planting of 'softscapes' with living material.

As a Design/Build Landscape Contractor, we can initiate complete designs as well as contract to install designs from other sources. Shortz Landscape can start by translating your ideas and needs into a landscape plan, then carry the installation through to completion. Alternately, we can take a plan created by a landscape architect and perform each task needed to construct that design.

We are open to revisions to existing landscapes as well as new designs. We can improve or replace hardscapes (walls, walks, patios, etc.), or previous plantings including garden beds, trees and lawns.

house with brick wall and walkway in front
We are familiar with local ordinances and permits, and will work with you on the approval steps mandated for our projects. Our past work includes both residential and commercial customers. We welcome your review of our past work and references. This website has a collection of project photos for your review, and a sampling of customer comments.

Shortz Landscape will help you create and improve your outdoor living spaces through the following services:

  1. Installation of natural and man-made stone including:
  2. New plantings and landscape maintenance
  3. Mulch delivery
  4. Water feature design & installation
  5. Landscape lighting
  6. Decks
exterior of house and driveway

The Landscape Design & Build Process

Shortz Landscape can get involved at the design phase, assessing your needs, landscape use and budget, and then propose our solutions.

Design of an outdoor living space would include walkways for access, patios as gathering and activity places, gardens around a patio as a buffer to grassy areas. In our designs, walkways, patios and walls are specified with shape and lines to complement the style of your house, and agree with the materials and colors of your buildings. We have many color and design options from our trusted stone suppliers. Trees and planting beds are situated and filled with plants to provide variation in height, color and texture. Plant choices for each garden are with respect to size of buildings, walls and walks near them, as well as the expected viewing distance (nearby or across a yard). Resulting designs give consideration to proper drainage, walkway safety, complimentary and contrasting features, public vistas and private nooks.


Our design concept is communicated to you in the form of a master plan, the design drawing depicting plant types & sizes with the location of hardscape elements such as walkways and walls, all in proportion. A design plan including plant names and quantities as well as materials lists for all hardscape efforts provides for a realistic cost proposal and lessens the chance for 'surprise' added costs popping up after the work begins. Just as a blueprint of a building lays out a plan before construction, a design plan clarifies the tasks before the first shovel digs.


Shortz Landscape works on residential and commercial landscape projects in the Greater Rochester area, including clients in communities such as Canandaigua, Bloomfield, Farmington, Victor, Rush, Mendon, Palmyra, Honeoye, Macedon, and Perinton. Call us to investigate whether your dream landscape will be our next project.