Landscape Plantings, Pools, Fireplaces & Water Features

Garden Design and Installation

Shortz Landscape is your trusted provider for planting design, installation and maintenance. Your unique outdoor spaces are a combination of hardscape, the constant and defining structures, plus the 'softscape' of live material contributing the element of color and change over the seasons. In providing gardens for your landscape, Shortz can be counted on to listen to your intentions, assess the location, thoughtfully select a combination of appropriate plants, and install them in a pleasing layout where they will flourish. As with our hardscapes, our garden installations are done with respect and care to your property.

Pool and Patio

Our designs turn your needs & ideas into workable solutions, considering:

  • gardens to harmonize with hardscapes
  • plant color, texture and seasonal beauty
  • demands for, and ease of, maintenance
  • plant hardiness in upstate climates

Over 2 decades of work on regional properties has given us experience with plants that do well in this area, and working relationships with the best local nurseries and material sources. Shortz's reputation for quality materials includes the soil and mulch used as well as the plants. It's our way to establish healthy plants in the best environments to start a long life. We back our plantings with a 1-year warranty.

exterior of a house

Scroll through this sampling of some of the many plantings we have done - as garden projects alone, or part of more complex landscape installations.

Water Features

Water features are an appealing new trend in home landscapes. Used as a relaxing spot in the yard, a means to add flowing water to the environment, or a collection of aquatic plants, a water feature is a compelling part of a new or revised landscape design. Shortz Landscape will work with you on your specific purpose, whether it be a pond, flowing water, or fountain. We will integrate a water feature into the hardscape and plantings of your overall design.

Ponds provide a base for aquatic and other plants, as well as fish. Today's ponds benefit from modern liners and pumps speeding installation and usage, as well as reducing upkeep. For those who want flowing water but not a pond, we can install a pondless waterfall with a stream of water cascading over natural stone. As with all our efforts, water features by Shortz are designed and placed with respect to ground conditions, adjacent landscape features, and ease of maintenance.

rocks and stream

Landscape Maintenance

Even the best of landscapes will suffer if regular maintenance is not done. Shortz Landscape can take over the tasks and concerns of keeping your property at its best. Services can be provided at planned/seasonal intervals or one-time needs. Call upon a green professional who will deliver more than "mow and blow" to your property. Our efforts can include:

  • pruning, shaping
  • garden bed edging and mulching
  • weeding and fall leaf removal

Contact us to discuss your needs.

hedge trimmers cutting a branch